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Start a Career to Celebrate

We are all about enhancing life’s celebrations as a premium retailer of wine, beer, spirits and cannabis. We currently operate 280 retail stores in Alberta, British Columbia and Alaska with new locations coming soon!

Mission Values Success

Our Mission

To be North America’s leading adult-beverage retailer with convenient locations, wide selections, and knowledgeable, “top-shelf” staff & service.

We Celebrate People...

OUR CUSTOMERS — the center of our being...we value their patronage and trust. We aim to be their "wingman" to help them celebrate life's special moments in the most successful way.

OUR ASSOCIATES — the boldest ingredient in our success cocktail...our people make the difference. We seek out individuals who strive to be the "host with the most" to join our team. We then educate and develop them to best serve our customers, grow their careers and create a fun and celebratory environment for all.

OUR SHAREHOLDERS — the reason we can exist...we thank them for their investment in us. We hold their financial security and growth in high regard and take utmost care in delivering a healthy return on that investment.

OUR PARTNER VENDORS — the key to our future...we collaborate for future success. Like a nice blend, we leverage each other's strengths to develop products, services and offers that result in mutual success.

Our Values

Service Excellence — we have an inclination to serve. Whether our customer is internal or external, we each aim to assist, with a sense of urgency, to provide a quality product or service. And, we simply enjoy doing so.

Respect for People — we love people. We’re social. We have faith in the human being to do the right thing. We treat each other fairly and kindly and expect fairness and kindness in return.

Responsible Practices — we do the right thing. Always.

Ownership Mentality — as an owner, we ensure the business is successful today – and tomorrow. We are constantly seeking new growth, maximized efficiencies and cost savings. Additionally, we build relationships throughout each community in which we operate.

Collaboration & Teamwork — like a great cocktail, we know we can achieve more by mixing well together. We value differences and leverage diverse talents to create winning teams.

Celebration — we celebrate…life, work, each other!

Tasting Success

Our product knowledge training curricula cultivates experts in the categories of wine, beer and spirits. Start your education today!

Tasting Success training programs:

Start a Career to celebrate

It takes many people with diverse skillsets for LSNA to succeed. As you learn and grow, your career can grow too. Various positions may include...